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Why visit Modena? To discover a town that still has lots of Italian artisans, historical workshops, ancient food shops and handmade food. A town shaped by its people, who have worked hard and passionately to create excellent products. A town with a small and elegant historical centre, with pretty little lanes and lovely corners that are truly distinctive of Italy.   

The name of Modena resounds in the world in the most different contexts: at the dinner table, in music, in racetracks, in art. This generates a sense of curiosity towards this Emilian city. Modena is famous for Osteria Francescana and its chef Massimo Bottura, voted twice as the best restaurant in the world and considered more than a dream coming true for high-end and gourmet food lovers. Proudly, this is the beloved city of tenor Luciano Pavarotti, passed away in 2007 and remembered as one of the most successful tenors of all time.  But Modena means for most people Ferrari and Formula 1 track, the prestigious brand of sports cars. Also, several people know Modena for art and history, first and foremost for its Romanesque Cathedral added, together with its tower, among the list of UNESCO’s Italian heritage sites.

This is why we believe that travellers, foodies and tourists from all over the world will have fun at exploring this beautiful town, corner after corner. Here, one can still walk and get mixed with local people and live a truly local experience.

Where should one start this tour? We cannot think of better place than central Piazza Grande, with the Duomo and its tower, the Ghirlandina, the architectonic symbol of the city. Not far away, in the recently renovated Piazza Roma, is the Accademia Militare sticks out, a sumptuous seventeenth-century palace that derives from the oldest military training institute in the world, from which future officers of the Army and of the Carabinieri come out every year. Not to miss Piazzetta della Pomposa, a gorgeous small piazza that has become in recent years a very popular spot for nightlife and daylife.

For art lovers, let us recommend to visit – among the other museums of the city – the Libreria and Galleria Estense, which stand out among all of them. These historic buildings contain works of great value brought by the dukes of Este in the seventeenth century. Here paintings and sculptures made by great artists of the Renaissance, including Bernini, Carracci, Guercino, Reni and many others are exhibited.                                                                                                                                            

Music lovers cannot go away without leaving a tribute to the Luciano Pavarotti House Museum, residence that since 2005 has hosted the Maestro. Here they will discover the man of the house and the man of the stage, among everyday objects and stage clothes.   

For the little ones (but not only) and collectors, the Panini Cards and Stickers Museum is the perfect place; among shelves, display cases and large albums visitors will find a large collection (among the oldest in the world) of prints, stickers and materials related to collecting.       

Let’s not forget that you are in the roaring Motor Valley  of Emilia-Romagna production area of ​luxury and sports cars and motorcycles. A few steps from the station there is the Enzo Ferrari House Museum, a peculiar yellow building with sinuous and aerodynamic forms that preserves stories and cars of the man who gave life to the Prancing Horse and took him to all the roads of the world. If this is not enough, you could leave the city center and get to the Ferrari Museum in Maranello, next to the factories where the engines of cars roar.                    

Modena is above all famous for its distinguished food culture and good life. Do not miss the traditional egg pasta dishes such as Tortellini, Tortelloni Cannelloni, and Rosette. If you like pork meat, you are definitively in right place; taste Zampone and Cotechino in winter time and – any time of the year – try a variety of delicious charcuterie such as prosciutto crudo, salame,  and coppa served with Tigelle and Gnocco fritto.  

Modena’s food and wine culture comes from the hands and care that the people give and for their love for traditions and for their land. It is a MUST to visit Acetaie (where Traditional Balsamic Vinegar is produced) and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese dairies. There, you will see the steps, the attentions and the waits necessary to create probably the two most excellent (PDO-certified) products of Modena, i.e.  Traditional Balsamic Vinegar and Parmigiano Reggiano. This will be a unique experience, which will reveal the hidden secrets and the stories of passionate food artisans. Also, do not miss a guided tour at an artisanal winery producing the most loved sparkling red wine in the world, Lambrusco. This wine is unmissable on the tables of Modena and is produced in the Grasparossa variety on the sweetest hills of Castelvetro, where vineyards create a stunning colorful view in Fall.

Going back to the city, just enjoy a sparkling glass of Lambrusco in the shade of Ghirlandina and just look all around… No need to dream it, you can live it. Modena is waiting for you!

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