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What to Do for Christmas Time in Modena?

Our Modena Walking Food Tour from December 2022 to 8 January 2023 will be dressed up for Christmas, thus taking you to the discovery of Modena’s gorgeous historic centre focused on a Walk and Taste Tour on Special Christmas MUSTs.

What We Will See

A glittering Modena’s historic centre with Christmas lights on, special ART installations, Italian “presepi” and quite a few Christmas trees placed in the main locations to explore the historic centre.

Our Christmas Foodie Itinerary

Our itinerary will be similar to the one we run all year but different because as your Special “Santa Klaus” Emilia Storytellers Tour Guides we will offer you Christmas FOODIE tastes that you can enjoy only for Christmas Celebrations, from the beginning of December 2022 till Jan 8, New Year 2023.

When? Tuesday to Friday, 10am to 2pm.

Being cold, we will warm us up with Hot Chocolate with whipped cream and a slice of the typical Christmas Panettone as a start, immerse in an atmosphere where that feel, smells, and tastes like Christmas.

Then, we will go to one of our favorite places, the Historic Albinelli Food Market, all dressed up for Christmas. The market is the heart of Modena, and has recently celebrated 90 years from the day it was built. Even if there is more and more interest about it, it still keeps his special local character, where locals go to do the shop, sit down for a foodie stop, talk and meet there.

Last Summer some restauration works also brought back to the original states the marble stands used for fish and seafood, traditionally present at the market. An impressive work, for which we’d like to thank the Municipality of Modena which is doing a great job to make Modena more and more attractive to our guests.

Did you know that for  about 4 months Modena has become an international set for Ferrari an American biographical film written and directed by Michael Mann about Enzo Ferrari, Italian founder of the car manufacturer Ferrari. The shooting has been an unprecedented filming event, with Enzo Ferrary being interpreted by Adam Driver, and Internatinal actors like with Penelope Cruz and Patrick Dempsey walking around Modena; it goes like saying that this created a LOT of excitement for Modena’s people, us included!

A Must even for Christmas, is the most common Modenese food match: DOP-certified Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and DOP-certified Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, a marriage that is destined to be eternal.

Walking around Mulled Wine will warm us up while exploring the most gorgeous corners of Modena for Christmas time, some roasted chestnuts to go, from Piazza Roma with the Ducal Palace now hosting the Military Acadamy, to Piazza Grande the Duomo Cathedral and the “Ghirlandina” Bell tower, the symbol towe for all the Modenese.

Tortellini in Brodo

Tortellini handmade egg-pasta (thanks to Professional Photographer and Travel Journalist Lori Sorrentino at Travlinmad ItalyFoodies for this beautiful picture) results from a long careful process to make the dough traditionally by the rolling pin, a careful selection for the ingredients of the filling and the broth. Both these 3 components have to be perfect, made with the highest-quality ingredients, and you can definitively understand if they are so, by the expression on locals’ face when they have the first spoonful of tortellino in brodo.

Moreover, Tortellini in brodo – Tortellini in broth, chicken or most classic capon broth – is the typical pasta that locals eat as the main first course in Modena and Bologna, so, let’s keep the tradition and celebrate Christmas like in family, even if it is not 25 December.

Of course, we cannot reveal all about the itinerary, since we will discover together more and more interesting spots to shop for Christmas either food, chocolates, torrone, or special gifts, to leave you a good memory of your trip to Modena and Italy and bring some gifts for your dearest back home!

Please contact us to info@emiliastorytellers or + 39 328 2521887 (also Whatsapp) for more info.

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Katia – Founder of the Emilia Storytellers project