True truffle
hunting in
Bologna hills


Valsamoggia, Bologna Hills


May to November, excluding Italian Public Holidays.

Available days and timing to be confirmed asap for truffle hunting season 2023.


Pick up in Bologna or Modena area at approx 10am – to be confirmed for truffle hunting season 2023


Truffle Hunting lasts 1 hour and half. Morning or Afternoon, based on the season.


Guests can add lunch or dinner with fresh truffle based-dishes, menu à la carte; we would provide a special discount voucher to guests coming to the truffle hunt with us to be used at 3 of our favorite restaurants in the area.


Discover one the few uncontaminated areas in Italy to go truffle hunting and learn the secrets behind

The Valsamoggia area, about 40mins drive South-East of Bologna, is one of the most panoramic valleys around Bologna, among hills covered with vineyards, sunflowers, and old country houses and ancient churches. Savigno is one of the very  few areas where Valuable White Truffle (Tartufo Bianco Pregiato, Tuber Magnatum Pico in Latin) grows naturally, due to its microclimate, soil, geographic location, second to Alba in Piedmont, and is famous for hosting Michelin starred restaurant Trattoria da Amerigo 1934

Why True truffle Hunting Experience? Experience emphasizes that the time we spend in the wood merges the excitement of following the dog and truffle hunter while truffle foraging, and the informative side of this very special green tour.

We are lucky to have a very experienced and passionate truffle hunter and his cute dog, able to give us a lot of accurate information too: clichés, varieties, dog’s training, climate change affecting truffle growing, and much more. True because all this is authentic, in order to give guests a nice memory but especially a truthful idea of the “truffle world”.

Truffle Hunting in Bologna Hills wood is an immersive experience in direct contact with nature, breathing clean air, enjoying the distinctive smells and colors, and discovering its many cute populations, mushrooms and truffle, Autumn colorful leaves, Summer shining colors and Spring-developing smells, while nature wakes up in Emilia-Romagna region.

The tiny village of Savigno is famous for being The Land of  (black and especially white) Truffle; May to November months offer different landscape views and experiences in terms of truffle varieties; what is unchanced is the passion and the Surprise Effect of waiting for the dog to dig and find the truffle, holding it in our hands, touch and smell it.

Last but not least, We will feel the unique bond between the dog and the truffle hunter, which is essential and needs patience and devotion to create it. Experience and passion always make the difference.

Savigno also hosts TARTOFLA truffle festival in the mid October-November. A great time plan and visit this area!

Being a Seasonal and Exclusive experience, we recommend booking in advance.


  • Private: min 2 guests
  • Semi-private: min 2 – max 6 guests
  • Small groups (families, friends)

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