Paint & picnic
in Bologna hills


Modena hills


Every THURSDAY, May to September, excluding Italian Public Holidays.


Pick up in Bologna or Modena area at about 10,30am.


Picnic starts at 12pm (noon) , after a panoramic tour on the hills, ending with a guided tour and wine tasting at a highly-rated winery nearby. Duration: about 5 hours.


Channel your inner artist on a unique art, food and wine tour in Bologna

Would you like to enjoy a homemade foodie picnic with natural wines, and create your personal watercolor postcard as a memory of Bologna?

If yes, keep reading please!

Relax, enjoy stunning views from a hidden-gem farmhouse in Bologna hills, only 40 mins drive from Bologna, paint, and get ready for a special foodie picnic with wine!


The essence of this foodie experience
First, you don’t need to be an artist – you will be creating a memory of your trip in Bologna by painting a watercolors postcard, guided by an art enthusiast (former art teacher) part of the family at the farm.
Second, this experiential tour merging art, food and wine is a chance to relax at a gorgeous Vintage agri-farm in Bologna hills, express your inner artist, and taste natural wines paired with homemade food.
If tourism in Italy has so many enchanting places to visit, art cities and the most varied landscape from the Alpes and the Dolomites to the Mediterranean sea Coast and Islands, the Emilia-Romagna region, the towns of Bologna and Modena are foodie destinations, the places where gastronomy has “G” in Capital letter. “G” like La Grassa (the Fat) for its rich and complex cuisine. Have you ever tried to make Tortellini (link a bottura tortellini) or Lasagne or Ragu Bolognese (link)? Brilliant, long, worthy to learn and Taste.

How can WE make the difference?
“Care” is what Chiara – who runs the Agri-farm- likes to emphasize as the most important thing in hospitality.
We all love our job and would like to connect with you in an easygoing way, and tell you all the stories behind the food, as local certified tour managers specialized in wine-gastronomy.
Then, we believe that having you here from any part of the world is a privilege, and an opportunity to us for culture-crossing.
At Emilia Storytellers, we offer artisanal food and wine tours and this new food & art tour particularly exemplifies current tourism trends and concepts of slow-food, local artisans, off-the-path itineraries.

What we will do?
We’ll learn the story of a family, we’ll find the best outdoor or indoor setting to create your memory watercolors postcard of Bologna hills.
The farm overlooks the Valsamoggia valley, South East of Bologna, an area also famous for Savigno’s white truffle (link al tour tartufo) and particularly loved by locals to take long walks, bike, e-bike while enjoying at the same time charming views of vineyards, sunflower, grapeseed, wheat fields kind of pictured along the hills with tiny churches and stone-country houses surprisingly appearing on our drive to get there.
If the weather did not allow us being outdoor, we would paint indoor subjects of still life and create an appropriate setting bonded to the Italian heritage, including food, wine, vintage tools and furniture… and more!
After your artist session, we will enjoy the farm’s natural wines paired with the food that Chiara has prepared for us.

Wines of Bologna Hills
Pignoletto, Barbera, Merlot, Albana are common grape varieties in Bologna hills. As locals in Italy, we match the wines to the food to have the best sensory gastronomic experience.
And So we will: natural wines and local organic food to be shared in family, as part of an authentic experience to be truly immersed in the Emilia-Romagna region’s culture.
Join our Emilia Storytellers big family.


  • Private or Semi-private: min 4 – max 6 guests
  • Small groups (families, friends)

Customize your tour!

A private tour can be customized,
if you have particular needs or food/wine interests
as far as possible;

We can add a high-speed experience

at “high speed” in the “Motor Valley”


Use your car!

You prefer to drive your renter-car
or you’ve hired a driver?

We will provide Google locations and
be on the spot waiting for you,
then lead you to the next locations.


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