Cook in Bologna,
Modena and Parma


Bologna downtown

Modena Hills few miles from the town

Parma downtown


Every day, based on availability and the cooking class selected. All year, excluding Italian Public Holidays.


Pick up/drop off in Bologna, Modena or Parma – timing depending on the cooking class selected


Cooking class can be morning/afternoon time, based on availability.

Duration: about 4 hours


Cook and Eat the most distinctive dishes of Emilia Romagna, with focus on typical fresh-egg pasta”

Bologna, Modena and Parma are the icons of the region’s culinary background. Fresh pasta making being part of locals’ daily life.

We all grew up by making fresh Pasta every Sunday with our mom or grandma. It was fun, but also a duty to have pasta ready for the whole week.

A sensory experience

Put your hands in the dough, feeling it with your fingers, kneading it, giving it shape. Create your own pasta with the help of  our sofglina or pasta maker or chef.

If pasta is the symbol of Italian cuisine, fresh homemade egg pasta means Emilia, the Easter /Central part of the Emilia-Romagna region, as a tradition passed on from generation to generation by the ladies we call “sfogline”.

Homemade pasta relates to an old family tradition, a precise ritual, during which women and children gathered around the table to make “tagliatelle”, “tortellini”, “tortelloni” together…

Our “sfogline” are still today the real protagonists of our kitchens and they keep alive and pass on this wonderful tradition with their never ending energy… Strictly with their rolling pin!

Every family has its special “sfoglina”; try asking any Emilian where to find the best “tagliatelle” ever, and you will always receive the same answer: “At home!”

From a to z, from flour and egg to the rolling pin and the final shaping, we’ll create some types of fresh pasta, and we’ll finally share the table to enjoy lunch or dinner with the pasta freshly-made and including dessert, wine and coffee.

We have designed 3 different cooking classes: Bologna, Modena and Parma.

Although the three gastronomic towns are famous for fresh egg pasta, the style is different and the cooking experience offered is representative of that specific town, and has the touch of that sfoglina, of that chef!

Remember that everybody has her/his own recipe…and proud to tell you about!

  • Bologna: Cook Tortellini, Tortelloni, Balanzoni – tradition as the keyword with young vibrant “sfoglini” sharing all their secrets with you full of energy and creativity
  • Modena Hills: Creative cooking class at a local Pasta Lab to make Tortellini, Tortelloni, and Tagliatelle and learn the pasta making tricks behing – Optional: Morning Cooking Class can follow the Parmigiano Reggiano cheese dairy tour – located 5mins drive from there.
  • Parma: Cook with our Health and Performance Chef a typical Parma menu. Personalized menu available for special dietary requirements such as gluten-free, plant-based, lactose-free, vegetarian.

Based on your accommodation and on your itinerary you can select your favorite one. Email us for more information!

Let’s cook and toast to the love for good food!

  • Private for 2 guests: Upscale price
  • Private or Semi-private: min 4 – max 8 guests
  • Small groups (families, friends)
  • Vegetarian option available.

Customize your tour!

A private tour can be customized,
if you have particular needs or food/wine interests
as far as possible;

We can add a high-speed experience

in the “Motor Valley”


Use your car!

You prefer to drive your renter-car
or you’ve hired a driver?

We will provide Google locations and
be on the spot waiting for you,
then lead you to the next locations.


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