A Distinctive Wine Tour
Through Time in Bologna
and Modena hills


Around Bologna and Modena Hills


MON to FRI, excluding Italian Public Holidays.


Pick up/Drop off at your accommodation in Bologna or Modena at approx 10am.


Tour starts at 10,30am approx.
Duration: about 6 hours

First winery offering light lunch with wine pairing


A unique wine tour: past to present in the charming hills of Bologna and Modena

This New Historic Wine Tour among artisanal wineries is a true journey between the Past and the Present in winemaking.

Although always in rivalry, Modena and Bologna, bordering towns in the heart of Emilia-Romagna this time are perfectly complementary. They represent two very different wine areas, where Bologna is equivalent of Pignoletto wine and Modena is that unexpected semi-sparkling red wine called Lambrusco.

However, the focus is on this unconventional Wine Tour that we have designed even for experienced wine lovers or wine tasters, is on a guided tour in 2 different areas – Bologna and Modena Hills, the confront on the wine terroir – the evolution of vinemaking from two centuries ago to nowadays.

Taste a variety of different local wines, learn about the family pictures, see the old winemaking tools, learn the stories behind.


What you will experience

You will see the tools used in winemaking in an authentic ancient winery dating back to more than two centuries ago. How wine was made by our ancestors? How has viticulture changed and keeps changing in Modena and Bologna?

What has not changed is the ethic of vignerons in making wine. They may be using modern equipment, but the most important players remain the vineyard and the grapes.

Just like respecting nature, the intrinsic characteristics of the soil geographically changing in a few miles, even on a short stretch of the hills, and preserving the idea of making an artisanal wine, especially today that global climate change has affected their techniques dramatically, both in the fields and in the winery.

Green manure, green practices are more and more commonly used to offer you a wine whose personality must reflects winemakers’ personality and background. A wine that is organic, healthy, or natural.

An artisanal wine that deserved to be shared. Enquire about the wine tour!

So, do not expect to a winery experience or tasting which is a mere a multi-adjective description of the wine. Wine tasting is first of all warm hospitality, storytelling about production, grape varieties, and last but not least the story of the family.

Two very different wineries will give you as a whole a picture of the Emilia region’s wine making traditions, over years of history, reflecting the local (not only) food culture: the so-called “spaccato emiliano”.

A bridge connecting past and present, Bologna and Modena, often competing but in this wine tour being equally part of a rich gastronomic treasure.

The Wine Making Field is investing more and more resources nowadays to promote organic, natural, ethic wines.

The concept of terroir: land, soil, climate and man’s ability to adapt to nature. 

Regional variety is the most relevant and distinctive characteristic of Italy and – speaking of us – Emilia-Romagna. If West, locals drink Gutturnio, Bonarda, Malvasia, in Modena Lambrusco is local’s favorite wine in its different grape varieties, Bologna is well-known for semi-sparkling and still Pignoletto, East, in “Romagna” towards the Adriatic coast protagonist wines are Sangiovese and Pagadebit – to mention just a few.

“A ognuno il suo” is an Italian saying that means “each to his own”.  Each area, has different roots, background, and in wine-gastronomy this is translated into food and wine match. Pair the finest local wine with its complement food, to give your taste buds the best sensory experience.

If Bologna local historic wine is Pignoletto either still or semi-sparking, Modena’s people love Lambrusco . Both wines are semi-sparkling, slightly-bubbled, “frizzanti” are perfect with Bologna Mortadella or Green Lasagne, rich and complex dishes typical of the political Capital of Emilia Romagna “Bologna La dotta, la Rossa e la Grassa” . Why? Fine bubbles would give you a balance after you have taste the first bit of super-rich Lasagne.  A perfect wedding between wine and gastronomy in the Emilia region.


The tour schedule

Let’s start from the past to visit an ancient winery dating back to the 18th century.

We’ll discover how wine was made in the past, the centenary history of the family, the native grape varieties of this part of Bologna Hills, few miles South-East of the town of Bologna, and the strong will and devotion of the current generation of the family to produce natural wines that preserve a deep bond with this gorgeous almost hidden corner of Bologna Hills.

5 wines for tasting, all native to the area, among white, red, still and semi-sparkling carefully paired with the foodie dishes prepared by our host to enjoy a delicious light lunch, based on the “eat local” philosophy of the this farm located in Bologna Hills.

From Bologna Hills and the past, let’s go to back to present and drive towards the nicest sweetest hills of Modena, and the Medieval village (Borgo) of  Castelvetro di Modena, running to be included in the eminent guidebook I Borghi più Belli d’Italia,  This area offers stunning views on the hilly landscape every season, and is to every local, the land of Lambrusco Grasparossa, which is now produced slightly fizzy, dry, rosé and very much different from the cheap inexpensive wine exported massively in the 1970s especially to the US by a few big big producers.

As a leading concept of our Artisanal Food Tours, winemakers are Wine Artisans, small family-run wineries that make wine with their own personal approach, use green practices and make annual small wine productions.

The winery who will welcome us is highly-rated and has won many awards over the years for its work and efforts in making Lambrusco a different wine…A valuable wine.

Are you looking for a Customized Mini Master Class on Wine or a WINE TEAM BUILDING? please see our specific session for business groups and corporates.



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  • Small groups (families, friends)

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