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Let yourself be hugged by Il Tortellante’s community.

Tortellini are the icon of Modena and Bologna’s finest gastronomy: tiny and thus challenging to shape, rich in flavor because they are filled with the highest-quality ingredients and served the best way: either in chef’s creative versions or classic and more traditional: in broth or Parmigiano Reggiano cream sauce.

Nevertheless, the above is NOT the most important part of this extraordinary Tortellini experience, this time.

The most relevant part is that you will experience a completely different fresh pasta-making from any other pasta class you’ve taken, because you will be part of a solidarity project and sense many more emotions than just putting your hands in the dough.

Tortellini in this case are really made with love, as a hug to put together an entire community of different people. Now this community is finally ready and excited to welcome guests from all over the world.

We are in!

An unprecedented case where pasta-making is a way to be together, work as a team and actively help one another.

I ragazzi di Massimo Bottura – that’s how famous Modenese chef call them – are young adults affected by autism who have become skillful tortellini makers with the generous help of many volunteers, housewives, grandmas, grandpas, all engaged and committed to be part of this genius project.

It’s them who make the tortellini served at Osteria La Francescana, Franceschetta58, Casa Maria Luigia and Cavallino, the 4 main restaurants managed by Chef Massimo Bottura in Modena area.

Why this experience is different from others?

We’d say for three reasons mainly:

  1. Participating in this Pasta class is a way to help the 26 families part of the Association, which is self-financed.
  2. Enjoying the strong sense of solidarity, inclusion, pro-active behavior that one immediately feels once entered the Pasta Lab
  3. Discover the world of differently-able youngsters who are taught and supported by means a variety of dedicated activities to become independent.

That’s a lot. Psychologists and Volunteers are focused on the best ways to support them, and their families.

What we will do

We’ll learn about the Association, why it was founded and how it works in details and then from theory to practice, ready to make the best Tortellino.

Our teachers? The autistic young adults and the volunteers. I learnt to make tortellini since I was a child, as it is quite common in Emilia-Romagna, making fresh pasta with my mom once a week.

Well, the look in the eyes of everybody in the Pasta Lab gave me that sense of peace. Working hard to produce a lot of fresh pasta, thus losing the concept of time and space, somehow.

The building hosting the Pasta Lab and the headquarter of Il Tortellante Association is located only 10 minutes away from beautiful Piazza Roma where the Military Academy (former Ducal Palace) . We’ll meet there and walk together to the Association, which will soon open their own Bottega to sell Tortellini also to locals and visitors daily.

Last but not least we will enjoy the Tortellini freshly-made and -cooked around a table set just for us by Massimo Bottura’s young adults.


My personal hope is to welcome many of you to share this unique Tortellini Experience available Monday to Thursday in Modena, based on availability.

For information or booking please Email us or Whatsapp us Katia +39 328 2521887.

Katia – Founder of Emilia Storytellers.