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Who are the Food Artisans? An artisan is someone making with his/her hands something that cannot be duplicated or standardized; this is often a family-run activity.

For us from Emilia Storytellers, the Food Artisans are people who create food culture by respecting tradition and their land but who also look forward, and wish to share their know-how with others. What do they all have in common? The passion for their job.

The Emilia-Romagna region is homeland to several artisanal food products that we’d like to show to our guests. For this reason, we have designed a series of full-day food tours that encompass the most artisanal, local and genuine side of Emilia’s food and wine culture.

Our food tours are based between Bologna and Modena, to avoid too long trips and put experiences to live first. Experiential tourism: people’s everyday life, food markets, learning to cook together some good Lasagna or Modena Rosette, visiting a winery and smelling grape must during the harvest season.

The Food Artisans is also the name of our one-day food tour. It starts with a guided tour to a dairy producing Parmigiano Reggiano (not Parmesan.. You will find out why) cheese thanks to an experienced “Casaro” dairy master. It continues with a guided tour to the aging rooms of a family-run Acetaia to learn about the long tradition of the Modenese people to have their own set of casks of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar at home… Then, a walk in a Medieval village, some very local Tagliatelle bolognesi with a sweet surprise called Torta Barozzi…. And finally the wine tour, where we are going to meet a family of wine makers who take care of their beloved vineyard to make us taste their best autochthonous wines, Pignoletto, Barbera, and Albana!

The food artisans await you!