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Storytelling about food and wine values is Italy’s best chance to look at the future

As gastronomic storytellers – as Journalist Miria Buriani (thank you) wrote about us in very interesting article in Modena newspaper La Gazzetta di Modena last 16 February – our job is to show the finest food and wine culture of Modena,  Bologna, e and the Emilia-Romagna region in the private Artisanal Food Tours that we customize for our Italian and foreign guests and foodies from all over the world.

Covid-19 pandemic obviously forced us to stop our activity in tourism. We stopped and thought. Crises often bring new opportunities besides problems, and this was so true also for our project, that is going to be increasingly oriented to a Italy’s cultural heritage 360° which we have to preserve and promote worldwide.

We will continue to take guests to meet Italian true food artisans, those Italians who bring over the generations the real values for the future; the bravest and most respectful Italians.

Our way for the next future is a green, outdoor (whenever possible), sustainable and experiential tourism, more than ever, customized for our guests.

We will tell about Emilia-Romagna’s culinary traditions, particularly about farmers who are the first characters involved in the process of making the foodstuffs that we eat daily. Something that we should not take for granted. They deserve to have a voice and tell people how hard it is especially today, for small food artisans to make hands meet. They should be considered as a powerful re source in the economy.

Creating food and wine also involves the passion of restaurant owners, Osti, and anyone who welcome guests in cafés, farmhouses, wine bars etc. to offer an emotional experience, besides the food and wine on the table.

In this respect, we’d like to mention Country house Agriturismo Podere Prasiano; an emblematic example of how an exacellent hospitality, homegrown food products and beautiful countryside attract guests from all over the world even if they have to drive and take some “hairpin” curves  to reach the beautiful hill where it is located in Festà, Marano sul Panaro in the Modenese province.

In our experience as tour operators for food and wine tours we have learnt so many challenging stories. We have met some many passionate people who are thrilled to welcome tourists and foodies and share the food and wine knowledge that is so representative of Emilia-Romagna and Italy.

How can we create value for locals and visitors? Our activity is not a socially useful work, we simply work in the field of hospitality, enjoying to cradle our guests on the one side and promoting our food and wine partners on the others.

We can enhance Italy’s values, by making food and wine the trait d’union among people, connecting such a unique and varied Italian gastronomic and wine culture to arts in general to the benefit of people’s soul.

Stepping now to a talk in 1st person – myself Katia, the Founder of Emilia Storytellers – I have recently been so lucky to meet AIS (Italian Sommelier Association) Sommelier Barbara Brandoli who tastes, teaches, writes about wine, and is the founder of Terre di Vite a wine event dedicated to artisanal wine makers held in the prestigious setting of the Medieval Castle of Levizzano Rangone in Modena area.

It’s been great harmony, and the start of a new challenging collaboration, sharing ideas and projects connected to Italian artisanal wines. Making the best of a bad situation –the so unfortunately popular lockdown –  we have launched a Online Wine Course for beginners, for wine lovers who want to know more about what they are drinking. We started hopeful but also doubtful due to this online mode… Well, we are glad to say that we had to schedule more and more courses from Jan to April due to a large number of requests..

This has been an amazing experience with very curious attendants who gave us such lovely and surprising stories of wine and life, as part of their identity. Values in other words. That storytelling on Italy’s values that we are going to protect and convey in our next food and wine tours.

It’s been a virtual journey across Italy’regions to taste artisanal, natural, organic wines, from Dolcetto D’alba in Piedmont to Nero di Troia in Puglia, Pignoletto and Lambrusco in Emilia Romagna to organic Prosecco Asolo in Veneto.

Such an immersive experience thanks to attendants’ interested comments, Barbara’s polite and lively sommelerie teaching, and the wonderful stories of wine makers who connected online to tell about their personal philosophy of winemaking.

Wine should be always something to be shared and connected to art, theatre, music. Food and Wine should be a way to bring people together, as the keystone to overcome this sad covid-19 impasse.

I can see myself and more people slurping wine while listening to an intimate music concert, watching a stunning picture or theater show.

This is is how Emilia Storytellers wants to give a new start, after the pandemic.

We are getting ready for the tourist season while observing how things evolve to offer asap the finest and safest food and wine experiences to our public . Stay tuned 🙂

Katia Perdicaro – Founder of Emilia Storytellers