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Last May 13, we organized a rustic lunch at the winery for a group of Norwegian tourists ending their trip in the Bolognese Hills, after a cruise in the Mediterranean.

This short lunch outdoor in a beautiful sunny day was a nice way to tell tourists about our local food traditions and our territory through the most representative food products: our typical cold-cuts, Prosciutto di Modena DOP, local salami, Bologna Mortadella IGP with a dish from Modena Apennines that is little known outside the Emilia-Romagna region but with the genuine character of the Emilians: tigelle.

Locals usually have a “tigellata”: a rustic but filling meal with “tigelle” a sort small circular flatbreads originating in the area between Modena and Bologna, combined with cold-cuts, cheese and traditional Pesto Modenese. In the past they were cooked between two hot, flat disks called tigelle. Definitively, it is a typical food to eat in company!

All this was paired to the wines of the Bolognese Hills including Pignoletto Frizzante, Pignoletto Superiore DOCG, Barbera, Merlot, and Albana.

Thanks to Dag Aasbø Travel AS agency from Vestoiveien for enquiring for this special food experience and to their Tour Manager Josephra!