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Open Wineries, edition no. 25, has just finished. This is an event promoted by the Wine Tourism Movement in which wine-makers open the doors of the wine kingdoms to the public, favoring direct contact with wine lovers.

Us, Emilia Storytellers, we have been pleased to welcome foreign visitors at Lodi Corazza, a historical and artisanal winery of the Bolognese Hills, located in Zola Predosa, wine city, south-east to Bologna.

A special thanks to the winery and to Theri and her Finnish friends who have attended one of the events scheduled: a special sketch-aperitif including a food show and wine tasting with chef Diletta Poggiali and Cesare Corazza, owner of the winery. They have offered a very interesting food and wine pairing merging the most typical ingredients of the Emilia-Romagna region to Diletta’s creative Asian touch and local wines. For example, Sushi Bolognese style with Bologna Mortadella paired to Pignoletto Frizzante, the most local semi-sparkling white wine, and Empanadas, traditional food from Latin America matched to Pignoletto Superiore.

Last but not Least, we have tasted a variety of PDO Italian cheeses offered by ONAF, the Italian Organization of Cheese Tasters, for the food and wine tasting scheduled at midday.

Our comments? Food and wine tourism always takes us to experience new flavours!

Katia Perdicaro, Founder of Emilia Storytellers