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The small town of Vignola located in the province of Modena a few miles from the border with Bologna is well-known for a certified PGI (Protected Geographic Indication) product : Vignola cherry.

Since spring is coming, let’s start with cherry blossoms and spring colors! The typical white colour of the cherry blossoms, and the lilac and pink colours of the other blossoming trees that beautify the Modenese landscape.

…An ideal subject for landscape and nature photography lovers ….

When? Usually, flowering starts end of March – beginning of April, and fruit picking mid May – mid June, according to the different cherry varieties. In order of ripening, some of the most famous local varieties are: “ciliegia Mora di Vignola, Durone Bigarreau, Durone Nero, Anella, Giorgia, Ferrovia, Sweet Heart”.

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Katia Perdicaro, Co-Founder of Emilia Storytellers