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“Italy Foodies” came back to Modena before Christmas, this time to explore the gorgeous Medieval hamlet of Spilamberto and “live a day like a local” , market at ancient food stores, learn local stories, enjoy Tortellini, artisanal wines and….TALK, TALK and TALK like Italians, and Modenese people typically do!

Katia from Emilia Storytellers between Lori and Angelo Sorrentino from Italy FoodiesTravlinmad

What is Italy Foodies? It is the new project launched by Professional Travel Writer & Photographer Lori and Angelo Sorrentino, who have been for long promoting a responsible, green, and slow tourism. Unfortunately, the launch of this new blog was right before the outbreak of the pandemic, quite unlucky, and sad, dramatic for what we all have been through. Anyway this blog is NOW ACTIVE and ready for FOODIES in love with Italy.

Let’s step back one second.

Both Lori and Angelo are of Italian origin, they currently  live in Florida, Lori grew up in New Jersey, Angelo in Philadelphia. One thing that impressed me, besides their amazing work, in Lori’s words was the following:

“On our first trip to Italy, many years ago, surrounded by people talking loud and taking advantage of any possible chance to enjoy a Stuzzichino, a foodie break, aperitivo, gourmet dinner or even work lunch but always including Pasta, second course and wine, and always stressing that food and wine were intrinsic of sharing something important, I realised that all this was not new to me at all. Hey Angelo, we are so similar!”

Lori felt like she was home. This is an essential factor if one wants to create a serious and reliable Travel & Food Blogger.  Deeply understand and share the values. This is what the Italians, the hospitality operators in the Emilia region should NEVER forget. Guests like to be treated with true kindness, they like to enjoy authentic trips , being pampered like in our private artisanal food tours and being involved in the most authentic food and wine experiences, just like part of our big Emilia Storytellers family.

People in the United States – let me emphasize – were the first ones to arrange a flight to reach their beloved Italy once the vaccination conditions were safe. Guests in the US and Canada are the majority so far of Emlia Stortellers’ guests in our foodie, gastronomic, and culinary tours, Lori and Angelo are doing such a precious work, and I’d like to thank them sincerely from my heart. The write articles, make podcasts and videos that reflect Italy on different valuable perspectives: landscape, outdoor experiences and trails, typical markets, “eat local” concept, still unexplored destinations, truly foodie destinations that bring their followers really “into” Italy.

The next step is easy. Book a trip to Italy, and if you like Emilia Storytellers, to Modena – we are the cradle of the so-called Food Valley, to explore Bologna and the rest of the Emilia-Romagna region.

In a phrase “Live like a local, even if it is just for one day!”

On Lori and Angelo Sorrentino’s last visit, we have explored the many pecularities of Spilamberto Medieval village, which still preserves a strong bond with traditions – by the way, stay tuned on Italy foodies and Travlinmad blogs for a specific article on Spilamberto which will be soon online. If you don’t know, Spilamberto is homeland to Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, with the Consorteria promotion body and the Museum, but also because here people thin it’s essential to keep their traditions, although mixing with others.

Mom Luciana wil cook for us,  just like she does at home, she loves being with people and tell her Italian recipes and stories.

Why is this different from a Pasta Coooking class?

Guests can cook, help or just look and interact, while enjoying a glass of artisanal local wine relaxed on the sofa.

 Mom Luciana with Angelo Sorrentino in our kitchen

Before the culinary experience, we will do the shop together to get the finest ingredients at an ancient food store, a milestone for locals, first of all Prosciutto, Mortadella, Parmigiano, we will taste Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale, artisanal cookies called “Amaretti” original to Spilamberto paired with Cappuccino, explore historic attractions such as the Torrione (the mail clock Medieval Tower) and who knows, perhaps we will learn interesting curious stories by locals we meet on our way. Spilamberto’s citizens are very curious!

Mortadella, Parmigiano and cured meats at “Alimentari Pelloni”

Then, the best part: Gnocco Fritto di Modena, our MUST appetizer accompanied by the finest cured meats, such  as Prosciutto di Modena and Salame, cheese, local sauces, vegetables. Something very easy to learn to cook and offer back home with different International food pairing. We’ll give you the recipe! Next, fresh homemade local pasta, dessert – all based on the season and finally Nocino liquor from Spilamberto.

Another plus?

Barbara, Luciana’s daughter is a passionate Professional Wine Sommelier famous for organizing events and actitivites to promote Italian Artisanal Wines – and currently considered as one the best Sommelier women when it is about wine & vineyard – will transfer us not only the wines’s characteristics and why she selected them for that specific food on the table, but also, a sensory and learning experience focusing on the different vineyards, soils, and winemakers’ philosophies.

                                       Barbara Brandoli, Wine Sommelier and Wine Events Planner

We hope to welcome you in Spilamberto, in our new Full-Day Private Food Tour under the province of Modena, in the Land of Castles Terre di Castelli, around Modena Modena&Dintorni

Thank you and see you very soon Lori and Angelo Sorrentino – ItalyFoodies