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Are you in Emilia-Romagna? Would you like to enjoy an exclusive dinner at your airbnb or holiday accommodation? Our Personal Chef is ready to cook for you!

Normally, our guests explore the best food and wine routes around Bologna and Modena to visit artisanal food producers, such as wineries, Parmigiano Reggiano dairies, balsamic vinegar production places, typical restaurants, ancient food markets, and all that is representative of the truly local food and wine culture.

However, some other guests prefer to enjoy the luxury of an exclusive dinner prepared just for them and share this food experience with friends or colleagues in the private space of their accommodation place.

However, this doesn’t mean they cannot learn about Emilia-Romagna’s food and wine culture!

As a bespoke service, we have recently organized an exclusive dinner at a beautiful Villa house located in the Bolognese hills “Villa Monte Quercione” where our Personal Chef has created a very local menu based on the top-quality food recipes that have turned this region into the real “Food Valley” of Italy. Our guide was also there to assist and provide more information about our artisanal food tours or about local food traditions.

Amanda Thompson and her team of friends and partners arrived in Bologna from Australia to participate in Cosmoprof, the most important International exhibition in the world of cosmetics and beauty, which attracts millions of international visitors and exhibitors every year.

Our chef served our Australian guests a very traditional menu dinner, with two very typical dishes of Emilia: Tagliatelle di Bologna and Cotechino di Modena.

Bologna and Modena are the gastronomic heart of Emilia. Although historically rivals, they share a strong bond, passion and love for good food and good wine.

On the one side, we can mention the tradition of making eggs pasta by the rolling pin, to create a variety of stuffed and non-stuffed sizes of pasta such as tortellini, lasagne and tagliatelle. On others, we can tell you about the culture of pork-meat based recipes. The pig is called “ninein” in Bolognese dialect, which is an affectionate name for an animal that farmers used to raise for their subsistence, all year. This resulted in food specialties like Cotechino, Salsiccia, or Zampone, or cold-cuts such as Parma ham Prosciutto Crudo and Mortadella.

Dinner obviously included wine pairing. We have selected CGDO- and CDO-certified local wines, first and foremost, Pignoletto and Lambrusco, which are the most typical semi-sparkling wines of Bologna and Modena.

Would you like to have a special Emilia-style dinner at your home? Contact us. We will be glad to design a bespoke menu and estimate for you.