Traditional dishes in a vegan and creative style

“If we feed our body with love and respect for other beings, our soul will regenerate”.
These are the words of Monica, who, after a long search, has found harmony in what she defines as a bioethic cuisine: biological and environment-friendly, vegan and respectful of the seasonal and territorial nature of raw materials. All these features are combined with taste and creativity.
Our vegan chef Monica will teach you how to cook traditional dishes that are catered to a vegan lifestyle: tagliatelle, lasagna…With seasonal, local ingredients and other creative recipes in a fully Italian style.
An enjoyable experience in which you can cook together, chat and learn a healthy and natural means to feed ourselves. The cooking lesson includes creating the recipes and tasting food together with local wines.

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Do you know Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena (PDO)? Visit a family run Acetaia.

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