Tortellino Trio Tour: The Art of Making Modena Pasta, 3 Ways

Tortellino or Tortellini (plural, as servings are generous) is probably the most famous dish in the gastronomy of the towns of Modena and Bologna, which are still arguing to claim its paternity. Well, it seems that the village of Castelfranco dell’Emilia (now under Modena but belonged to the province of rival Bologna until 1929) has been officially declared homeland to this fascinating stuffed pasta – traditionally served in capon or hen broth – inspired by Venus’ belly-bottom and supposed to resemble it in the shape.

Like Lasagne or Tortelloni fresh pasta, Tortellini are handmade by experienced local “sfogline” pasta makers who pass on and on this important tradition. And the work behind is impressive and reflects Modena’s finest gastronomic culture.

That said, we’d like to celebrate Tortellino in its highest expression in this new (not only food) tour.

Join us on a journey of crafting one of Modena’s most iconic foods, Tortellino… 3 ways.

First, learn about the making of tortellini at Mercato Albinelli with Monica showing us how to roll, twist, and stuff the pasta. Then eat what you make with a cup of “Tortellini Da Passeggio” (on the go!) while we stroll the streets of Modena, only after having enjoyed Balsamic Vinegar, Parmigiano Reggiano & Ricotta cheese and other delicious food at the market.

Then — the ultimate in making tortellino — follow the lesser-known craft of Modena leather making and create your own pasta keepsake from leather, the perfect souvenir of beautiful and delicious Modena!

For this idea and for the pictures I’d like to say BIG THANKS to Lori and Angelo Sorrentino Travel & Food Writer and Photographer who have explored Modena with us and enjoyed this Tortellino Experience first and for promoting Eat Local and Slow Travel experiences in Italy and across the world.

WHEN? All year, Tuesday to Saturday morning, based on availability. Contact us for more information on our Tortellino Trio Tour in Modena. Discover all our food tour experiences on facebook and Instagram!

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