Toast with Pignoletto wine

Toast with Pignoletto wine

Last Sunday our wine tour in the Bolognese Hills was first of all a chance to make a toast with a glass of Pignoletto wine, besides enjoying a wine tasting .

Our guests, Carolyn and her friends from England left the hot city of Bologna to visit the surroundings and get to Zola Predosa, Wine city. Here, they visited Lodi Corazza winery and celebrated Rebecca’s Bachelorette with plenty of Pignoletto semi-sparkling wine.

We believe that wine should be something to be shared and, as Marcel Proust said for famous Madeleine, it should be an emotion reminding us of a particular time in our life.

Big thanks to our guests for being with us and for leaving us a very nice souvenir of a joyful day also full of… food and wine for sure!

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