Farm To Fork Cooking Class – Full Day

To our cook Anna cooking means Tradition, Eating Local and Seasonal Food. Her job is a constant pursuit of what our nature can give us. Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter; every season gives us the opportunity to get in touch with nature and create food culture.

This is the essential introduction to our Farm to Fork Cooking Class in which we will plunge into the rural lifestyle of an authentic Modenese Agriturismo Farm; the veggies freshly collected from the vegetable garden, homemade jams and chutneys, the animals of the farm, fresh egg pasta traditionally made by the rolling pin, all of it with the passion of our host and pasta maker Anna!

We will learn about the farm fruits and vegetables and then cook the most popular pasta dishes from the Emilia region such as Tagliatelle, Tortelloni, Farfalle or Maccheroncini al Pettine.

Cooking food to taste the most genuine flavours of food as it is in nature, just like the soul of this Agriturismo immersed in Modena countryside, where essential things and preserved landscape matter the most.

Together we will cook, have fun and eat healthy, organic, seasonal food.

Big Thanks to Lori & Angelo Sorrentino Food & Travel Writer and Photographer for the pictures you are watching and for being our VIP (and very smiling) testimonials durante the Cooking Class made at Fattoria Maria last September!

Do you like cooking and eating healthy food? Are you searching for some relax in the countryside? If yes was the answer, you cannot really miss our Farm to Fork Cooking Class!

WHEN? Monday to Friday, based on availability. Private Tours & Small Groups. Tours can be CUSTOMIZED upon request.

Would you like to learn to make Pasta the traditional way, by the rolling pin? Take our cooking class Hands in the dough.

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