Prosciutto and Balsamic Vinegar of Modena – Afternoon Tour

Two Classics of Modena’s gastronomy which are a Must if you want to eat like a local are Traditional Balsamic Vinegar and a Tagliere of cured meats, first and foremost Prosciutto di Modena (cured raw ham) – typically served on a stylish wooden board.

Either this is a just a snack before dinner or a proper lunch, the Modenese people love having Parmigiano Reggiano cheese shaved with drops of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar, and Modena Prosciutto Crudo to match “Tigelle, Crescentine or Gnocco Fritto” bread, a typical dish from the Modenese Apennine mountains.

This Afternoon Food Tour combines two intense experiences on food traditions in the Emilia Region: a guided tour at a small artisanal Prosciuttificio factory producing DOP-certified Prosciutto located at the foot of the Modenese hills and an old and family-run Acetaia producing Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena.

The guided tour at an Acetaia explores the intimate world of DOP-certified Traditional Balsamic Vinegar (the so-called Black gold of Modena) with the tangy aroma of vinegar when it’s still young, the intense aroma as it ages, and the perfectly balanced flavor in the mouth after aging for at least 25 years – tasting the “Extra Vecchio” version of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar.

We will understand that “Balsamico” and “Traditional” are the key-words, not vinegar. Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena has a unique balanced taste and is a true ingredient to use in drops on every kind of dish, just like locals do.


Modena Prosciutto DOP

The Guided Tour at the Prosciuttificio talks about locals’ passion for pork meat, recalling the fact that traditionally this animal was raised by farmers to support their family by curing many parts of pork meat and have food for the whole year.

We will meet a third-generation family making Prosciutto since 1910, learn about the productive steps to obtain the true Prosciutto di Modena DOP-certified. Although technology is certainly helpful, Gianfranco and Valeria emphasize that human experience and work-by-hands are paramount to create an artisanal food product. “Sugnatura” (we will see what this means) is by hands, last salting step is by hands, and “spillatura” expert inspection is possible only thanks to a very experienced nose.

In other words, taking care of little details, working hard, and respecting the land of origin, to offer an artisanal Prosciutto that has a unique sweet, gentle, but intense aroma; it takes at least 14 months, by the way.

We will taste Prosciutto on site with a good glass of local Lambrusco wine.

This gastronomic tour is 4-seasons. One can enjoy very different landscapes: the Fall typical red and yellow-leafs coloring the hills, the typical white cherry blossom in spring, the winter fog softly enveloping the Po Valley, and the Summer sun beating down on the hay bales just after the harvest.

So… Come on tour with us in every season!

WHEN? Monday to Friday afternoon. Private Tours & Small Groups. Tours can be CUSTOMIZED upon request.

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