Wandering around Bologna hills: artisanal winery and panoramic views

Let’s leave Bologna city of food for a moment and enjoy and a wine tasting on Bologna’s beautiful Hills.

Bologna is surrounded South-East by a group of green hills that offer amazing lookouts on the city and the surroundings. The Bolognese Hills are also a renowned wine area for the production of some of the finest wines of the Emilia-Romagna region.

In this half-day tour, we will wander around Bologna Hills and do a guided tour at a celebrated winery which artisanally produces typical Pignoletto wine, “the New Italian Sparkler” – like they say abroad.

Let’s drive along the 4 Km of Porticoes World heritage sites of UNESCO leading from the Meloncello arch to the Sanctuary of the Madonna of Saint Luca  to enjoy a spectacular view at the sunset. This place is more than anything else in the heart of locals, who really feel at home when they look at “Saint Luca”!

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