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Traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena

In this Acetaia you will relive the history of a family who opens its doors to show you the intimate world of the PDO Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena and its unbreakable bond with the Modenese people, in the rural landscape of the surrounding countryside.

The warm shades of Autumn, the intense green colour of the vines and the typical white colour of the cherry blossom in spring. The winter fog which softly envelops the Po Valley, lulling the nature to sleep. The warm summer sun beating down on the hay bales just after the harvest.

The tangy aroma of the vinegar when it’s still young, the intense aroma of it as it ages, the vibes of a family history that can be felt within the walls of this Acetaia… And finally the amazing taste of the “Black Gold” of Modena, which will be tasted on the most varied dishes of our cuisine.

The tour includes a visit of the Acetaia, the tasting of different types of balsamic vinegar on its own and combined with a variety of finger food and Emilian specialties.

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