From the soil to the table - Emilia Storytellers

From the soil to the table

Bea perceives cooking as creativity and a constant pursuit of what our nature can give us. Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter; every season gives us the opportunity to get in touch with nature and create food culture.

The vegetable garden in Summer, flowers and natural herbs in Spring, chestnuts and mushrooms in Autumn, herbal teas in front of a cosy Winter fire. Together we will explore creativity in the kitchen.

In true contact with nature, you will pick products of the earth with your own hands and transform them into tasty recipes to be presented on the table. And in Winter, the table is bare without the most famous Bolognese dish: “Tagliatelle with Bolognese sauce”.

“Spaghetti Bolognaise”? A well thought up fake, but still a fake. Bea will teach you to cook real Bolognese “Ragu” with its perfect match: “Tagliatelle”.

Together we will cook, have fun and eat healthy, organic, seasonal food.

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