Kid-friendly Family Tour at Educational Farm in Modena  – Morning Tour

What is an Educational Farm? It is a farm that welcomes families and kids to show them their farming world and involve them in different kid-friendly labs and teach them the deep bond between farm to fork. Food always comes from farmers’ efforts. The easiest and funniest experience is being in a pure contact with the animals raised at the farm.

Our kid-friendly family tour at Educational Farm in Modena is:

  • A farm and Italian Agriturismo, Agri-farm where you sense harmony among animals and man and the surrounding nature, on the hills just above Maranello, the little town famous for “Cavallino Rampante”, the prancing horse symbol of famous Ferrari brand. The farm is in fact located in the heart of the Motor & Food Valley, close to Ferrari Museum and Racing for sports car and Formula 1 lovers, and “Il Cavallino” historical restaurant recently renovated by Modenese Chef Massimo Bottura, declared twice the best chef in the world, a highly-recommended experience for high-cuisine foodies.
  • An intimate experience to go back to the past. The farm grows and grinds ancient grains such as hard wheat Senatore Cappelli, Khorasan (mostly known as the trademark Kamut), and Saragolla to offer a different tasting experience in homemade Pasta flavour, genuine food and colorful kid-friendly dishes, lovingly prepared with the family recipes based on Modena’s renowned culinary tradition.
  • A way to be in direct contact with animals and relax in the countryside. Kids will be able to feed Merinos sheep that are once a year sheared for their precious wool, see Kashmere goats, donkey female and males braying to each others in the mating season, roosters and hens, broody hens,  beehives, from the top of a hill overlooking the valley, in this little paradise on Modena hills among sunflowers and lavender.

What are we going to do? Based on your kids’ age and particular needs, we will explore the farm animals, learn their language, touch and pamper them. Then, we will enjoy lunch based on genuine fresh homegrown ingredients, with some little details conceived especially for kids, such as Modena typical “Tigelle” bread shaped like animals.  

The Tour is suitable for families with kids of all ages and the educational farm is equipped with baby changing table, high chairs and kid water closets.

WHEN? Monday to Friday, based on availability. Private Tours & Small Groups. Tours can be CUSTOMIZED upon request.

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