Hands in the dough Cooking Class. The Emilian art of homemade pasta

Putting your hands in the dough, feeling it with your fingers, kneading it, giving it shape, making it thin, as thin as a veil… All this is part of a tactile experience in which we discover our dexterity, creating the pasta OURSELVES. If pasta is the symbol of Italian cuisine, fresh homemade egg pasta is an Emilian invention, passed on by the ladies we call “sfogline”.
Homemade pasta relates to an old family tradition, a precise ritual, during which women and children gathered around the table to make “tagliatelle”, “tortellini”, “tortelloni” together… Our “sfogline” are still today the real protagonists of our kitchens and they keep alive and pass on this wonderful tradition with their never ending energy… Strictly with their rolling pin!
Every family has its special “sfoglina”; try asking any Emilian where to find the best “tagliatelle” ever, and you will always receive the same answer: “At home!”
In a funny Cooking Class, our sfoglina will reveal secrets and curiosities of her artisanal skills, shining light on this amazing homemade craft.
After having created some varieties of fresh pasta, we will taste the fruit of our work in a seasonal menu accompanied with wines of our territory.

WHEN? Monday to Sunday, based on availability. Private Tours & Small Groups. The Cooking Class can be CUSTOMIZED upon request. Vegetarian Option Available.

Big News! Our Cooking Class are getting more and more Creative. How? For example with the use of a Valuable products such as Traditional Balsamic Vinegar.

Are you travelling with your dog? Our dog-sitters can take care of him/her.

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Locally, it is a Must to have freshly-grated Parmigiano Reggiano on pasta. Discover the world of the prince of cheeses in our tour on Parmigiano Reggiano and Balsamic Vinegar.

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