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An exclusive chocolate, cheeese, and wine tasting matching their flavours, texture and smells to the premium Italian selected wines.

To the nose and in the mouth, we will feel the sweetness, texture, and filling of chocolates, the creamy or salty flavour of local cheese, and after a sip his “married” wine, a very special alchemy among the 5 senses.

Chocolate is famous for giving us that sense of pure happiness. Wine is always an emotional experience.

Upon designing and testing this special foodie experience we fell in love on every single taste, while slurping the wine and savoring the melting chocolate and fillings in our mouth, just like it was the first time.

An intense sensory experience conducted by our Wine Sommelier Barbara Brandoli who will take us virtually to several Italian regions while tasting and learning about the finest wines suitably selected to be paired with local artisanal chocolates and sweets.

Have you watched the 2000 film Chocolat” For Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp it was love at first sight although they had such a different background.

Our chocolate & cheese & wine tasting is like an unexpected synergy among very different personalities, with flavors of sweetness, persistent fragrance melting in your mouth, and even aromatic, salty or spicy wine scents.

Wine experts consider chocolate & wine tasting one of the most difficult food and wine pairing. Chocolates go well with Passito (dessert sweet) wines or overripe wines, but also with meditation or aged and reserve wines; valuable wines from the North to the South of Italy.

Just to mention a few, Barolo Chinato wine from Piedmont to Passito wine from Sicily, passing through a surprising wine from overripe grapes produced in Bologna Hills, in our beautiful Emilia-Romagna region.

Our chocolate & wine tasting will not more than just tasting. We will virtually visit the wineries producing such wines through a passionate explanation by our Wine Sommelier, who has always promoted the Italian wine makers who work from grapes to wine. Each single winery has their own philosophy and idea of winemaking, based on the terroir, personal knowledge, the soil, grape varieties, how grapevines are grown, and the climate that is affecting so much wine artisans’ work in recent years.

Wine and gastronomy are the essence of the Artisanal Food Tours we customize for our guests coming from all over the world. That essence is always a storytelling which begins with the locals, the artisans, and their creative work that make “Made in Italy” food products so valuable worldwide.

The Emilia-Romagna region, around Modena, Bologna, and Parma, is particularly rich as a foodie destination, there are so many food and wine artisans that we can introduce you too.

However, food tourism is to us a great opportunity to meet guests with very different cultures. A way to share and learn more and more, ourselves.

Hospitality should be also pampering guests, just like an exquisite chocolate and good glass of wine can do.

Emilia-Romagna has endless culinary traditions, but we wish our tours will leave you an authentic emotion to bring home with you and a way to cross barriers.

So, come and share with us a very sweet experience!

WHEN? Monday to Saturday late morning or afternoon, based on availability. Private Tours & Small Groups. Tours can be CUSTOMIZED upon request.

Contact us for more information on the Chocolate & Wine Tasting.

Would you like meet the best local wine artisans? Book a Wine Tour around Bologna and Modena

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