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Emilia Storytellers was born on a warm summer evening on the steps of the popular Herb Market in Bologna, when two old friends came across each other after a long time. During a long and passionate talk, they felt they should give life to a new project.

A project that would shine light on the amazing world of food and wine, a project that could develop in time and involve fellow food lovers.

A project that would encompass: the culture we breathe in our professional experience as interpreters and translators and that has taught us to view our world with limitless curiosity and a scrupulous eye, our native land, which invites us to tell its wonderful and genuine stories, the passion for travelling and foreign languages, which has opened our eyes to the world and shown us the importance and the beauty of a true and authentic experience.

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A journey far away from home, in which I totally merge with the culture and the people of a place, forgetting who I am. A discovery of emotions that strike me and will always remain with me



Travel means searching for things, people and places that I know will complete me. This gives me joy and the desire to get the best out of life


Katia Perdicaro graduated in Linguistic Mediation Sciences (Translation and Interpreting) in English and Spanish, Carlo Bo University for Linguistic Mediators, Bologna.

Postgraduate education:

  • First level Master degree in Culture of Nutrition and Food and Wine Traditions, Consorzio BAICR of Rome/ University of Rome Tor Vergata
  • Tour Leader qualification in accordance with Emilia Romagna Regional Law No 4/2000 and following amendments
  • Official Cheese Taster qualification (ONAF, National Organisation of Cheese Tasters)
  • Experiential Tourism training course, according to the model Artès, Association of Social Promotion “Experience For You” -X4U, Milan.

She has worked as a freelance interpreter and translator, specialising in patents and trademarks, as a teacher involved in focused didactic projects and specific workshops for the learning of a foreign language, targeted at high schools or training institutions.

She has worked together with Loris Farini in different teaching projects in the field of tourism, hotel business and food and wine (I.P.S S.E.O. A. Tonino Guerra, Cervia ,Ravenna: English Professor specialised in the field of Tourism; Catering and Cooking School, Serramazzoni, Modena: English teacher specialised in Gastronomy and Hotellerie).

She has studied and worked in England, Spain and Australia.

Co-founder of Emilia StoryTellers. Key organiser of tours, promotion, communication and media.


Loris Farini graduated in Translation and Interpreting in French and English, as a Conference Interpreter, University of Bologna, Modern Languages High School for Interpreters and Translators, Forlì.

Postgraduate education:

  • Klein Deutsches Sprachdiplom (German language Diploma), Volkshochschule Tempelhof-Schöneberg, Berlin
  • DELE Superior Level Diploma (Spanish language Diploma), Instituto Cervantes, Universidad De Sevilla
  • DEUG University Diploma (English and Italian languages) and DEF 3 University Diploma (French language), Université François Rabelais, Tours.

He has worked as a freelancer interpreter and translator, project manager for translating services and as a linguistic professor-instructor for technicians and officials, training institutions, schools of different levels and public and private universities, teaching French, Spanish, English and Italian.

He has worked together with Katia Perdicaro in different teaching projects in the field of tourism, hotel business and food and wine (I.P.S S.E.O. A. Tonino Guerra, Cervia, Ravenna: Professor of French in the field of food and wine for Technicians of tourism and Technicians of restaurant services; Catering and Cooking School, Serramazzoni, Modena: English teacher specialised in Gastronomy and Hotellerie).

He has studied and worked in France, Spain, Germany and England.

Co-founder of Emilia StoryTellers. He has cooperated in the organisation of translating/interpreting services in the food & wine industry.

  • Travel is a challenge! A personal challenge, during which we leave our nest to find..who knows!

    Chiara Emilia Storyteller
  • Travelling means feeling part of the place, meeting others. If you return unchanged, maybe you never really left

    Mina Emilia Storyteller
  • Travelling is finding yourself somewhere else. Travelling is encountering the Other, the Foreigner. Travelling is losing yourself for a moment.

    Alessandra Emilia Storyteller
  • Travelling is dreaming, living and experimenting. Travelling leads us to the discovery of new worlds where we discover ourselves.

    Elena Emilia Storyteller
  • The most beautiful souvenirs we bring home back from a travel are the stories of the people we’ve met

    Simone Emilia Storyteller
  • When I travel I have my eyes wide open. I feel part of the people I meet and I want to breathe the air like they do.

    Maddy Emilia Storyteller


OUR TEAM is the harmonious result of different competencies. We are professional licensed local tour leaders, interpreters and translators, and we all have a deep knowledge of the food and wine culture of our territory.

A true project needs participation, hard work and professionalism. A true project needs a soul, a soul made up of people walking together towards a common destination, just like in a journey…

Contatti Tour Enogastronomici Bologna e Modena

OUR LOGO is designed by Simona, who has chosen the outline of the Sanctuary of the Madonna of San Luca. Every Bolognese person feels at home as soon as he sees “San Luca” in the distance. Bologna is the capital city and symbol of Emilia Romagna.
Our wish is to be authentic storytellers of the food artisans and welcome you to Emilia.