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Emilia-Romagna meets America with an exchange of articles on the traveler’s soul and the most stunning landscapes of the United States. We usually talk about food tourism, but tourism means to us TRAVELLING in capital letters and sharing the beauty of Mother Earth.

We have expressed the emotions experienced in our trips in the article “What Would Those Bloggers Tell Their Younger Selves Before Traveling Aboard” on Altitude and we are glad to include the article written by Wendy Dessler from Altitude Branding especially for us on America’s most evocative landscapes.

Katia Perdicaro – Founder of Emilia Storytellers

 America’s Best Otherworldly Landscapes

When most people think of exotic locales they imagine far away destinations and isolated lands where nature forms itself into alien-like masterpieces that seem almost out of place here on Earth. As it turns out, you don’t have to travel to the far corners of the world to catch a glimpse of otherworldly landscapes. Here are some of the most unique places you, and your pets, can travel to in the USA.

“Oljato” Monument Valley, Utah

Starting off mild, the sandstone sculptures knows as Oljato captivate travelers year round with their massive size and iconic Southwest appearance. Jutting forth from the earth to form skyscraping towers, they create a one image when paired with the backdrop of the setting sun.

These rock formations are deposits left over from the eroded remains of their Rocky Mountain Ancestors. Shaped by wind and water over thousands of years, what’s left today is something you simply cannot find anywhere else.

Grand Prismatic Spring, Wyoming

The most famous geyser in America in by far Old Faithful, but one look at Grand Prismatic might make you change on your mind on which spring should hold the title belt. While this spring won’t fire water up into the air, it’s deeper than a 12 story building and 370 feet in diameter. What makes this piece of land otherworldly are the colors it creates.

Bright bands of yellow, orange and green combine with the deep blue waters of the spring to create a magical appearance. The colors come from different species of heat-loving bacteria that sit within the rings spanning from the center. It’s a sight to behold.

Mono Lake, California

Surrounded by the snow-capped Sierra Nevada, this shimmering lake is situated in a valley that looks like a planet straight out of sci-fi movie. Nearby volcanoes help to create this otherworldly landscape, but the true beauty is in the 70-square mile like that offers a mirror reflection of the sky. Luscious flowers and unique rock formation can also be found in this gorgeous basin.

Burney Falls, California

While waterfalls may not sound like the most exotic thing on Earth, the ones at Burney Falls are sure to change your mind. Feel free to hike the 910 acre forest or walk streamside for the five miles of water that lead out to this breathtaking waterfall. Streams seem to flow from hundreds of places behind trees, over rocks, and down into Lake Britton, which a sight no traveler will want to miss.

Fly Geyser, Nevada

If you’re looking for something truly alien in nature, there might not be a better option here in the states than Fly Geyser. Minerals from a geothermic water pocket fly out of this multi-cone geyser that combine with heat-loving algae to give this strange amorphous mound it’s unique blend of colors. Out of place looking and certainly out of the ordinary, this natural phenomenon is as strange as they come.

Antelope Canyon

The last stop on this American tour is the visually stunning Antelope Canyon. The outside gives the appearance of any other canyon-esq rock structure, but the cavernous insides look smooth enough to have been formed by an artist’s paintbrush. This inside and out hiking location offers a surreal landscape that sets this location apart from the rest of the Grand Canyon, and is something you have to see in person to truly take in its natural beauty.

There are no excuses to stay at home and go through this amazing photos. Yes, it can be cozy, but move a little bit, grab your backpack, pack all your necessities, find a best way to reach them, and explore them as soon as possible!