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A new Artisanal Food Tour is now available combining two food products representing Italy in the world: pasta and pizza.

Saying just pasta in Italy is kind of too general, considering that every region, every town has its own pasta size to be dressed with a particular sauce: spaghetti alla carbonara, trofie al pesto, orecchiette con le cime di rapa, tagliatelle al ragù, etc. We could go on for hours….

In Emilia, pasta means egg pasta and frequently stuffed pasta.

We will leave this very hot summer in the Po Valley to enjoy the amazing landscape of the Modenese Apennine mountains and visit a small artisanal and family-run Pastificio (pasta factory). There, we will discover the magic of creating tortelloni, tortellini, lasagne, etc.

And pizza? Pizza is a specialty from Naples, it has no roots in Emilia. But in the Emilia-Romagna region, like everywhere in Italy it is common to make pizza at home… And this is what we will do, becoming Pizzaioli for one day!