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Our Wine Team Building experiences are bespoke and can be customized. They can be divided in 2 different categories:

High-Profile and Professional

focused on achieving specific goals set by the client: creating a network, building-up aggregative models, enhance competition, motivation, leadership or the ability to work as a team covering different roles, etc – also with the support of a qualified psychologist.


Entertaining or Leisure activity

which obviously implies competing or working in groups as a Team-Building requires, but more easygoing. It could be the perfect conclusion to an important Corporate meeting or a training session or workshop; a creative alternative to the classic Aperitivo or shopping time. Upon request, we can also organize a dedicated catering service or dinner for the group.


Wine is ideal for Team-Buildings and it is based on the sensory experience that participants have in the wine tasting. It offers a large variety of aspects and factors to test and is suitable for a wide range of public. It can be customized based on the profile, the number, and the interest of participants.

The Wine Sensory Competition we have designed especially for a wine team building includes several steps: visual, olfactory and gustatory examination.

How would you describe a particular wine? First, the color, then all the aromas and scents to the nose, and after you have slurped your wine, you will try to get the most out of their mouthful of wine in order to taste it and enjoy it to the fullest. Importantly, try to recall to your mind first your memory of smells, aromas, flavors before tasting.

Well, that’s all we can say about it for the moment. Contact us for more info and try!

We are glad to show some pictures of the private Wine Team Building tailor-made for the Departmanet pf Business & Economics of Birmingham-Southern College: One of America’s Best Liberal Arts Colleges (, Alabama, United States.

A very special “Thank You” goes to Prof Bert Morrow: 20 Years on the Hilltop – THE BSC BLOG who’s been so loyal to our services in customized itineraries coming to Bologna every year, which probably touched his heart during his past stay right in Bologna as a Researcher.

Every year he brings a new group of College students to explore the most virtuous e authentic producers and companies in the Food and Motor Valley of the Emilia-Romagna region, within his larger trip in Italy and Europe.

The picture in the BSC BLOG link above actually…we took it! The group is in San Michele in Bosco, on the first hills just outside the historic center of Bologna offering a wonderful view on the town, a place that Prof Bert (on the left, in the picture) loves very much – we could not agree more – and where he always makes a stop.

Talking about the Wine Team Building, the students of this wonderful group, though not having a particular expertise about wine, approached the experience with curiosity and passion, working in groups with enthusiasm and dedication.

After the theory, they really competed to win! They looked at, smelled and slurped the 4 different Italian artisanal wines we poured in their glasses to let them examine the main aspects and give the right answers to the test we had prepared for them.

It’s been great also to us to perceive so much enthusiasm, especially in the winner group of the Competition, happy and excited for getting their 1st Prize Award: 4 bottles of local artisanal wine and their Official Diploma as the Best Wine Taster.

Really thank you to Prof Bert Morrow and his students for being with us on this experience, and for coming back every year, happy to assist them to explore the best gastronomy for foodies in Bologna and all over the Emilia-Romagna region, with Bologna, Modena and Parma on top: the Food and the Motor Valley.

See you next year!




Barbara Brandoli is an AIS (Italian Association of Sommeliers) Certifed Sommelier, Wine Event Planner and experienced Instructor in different levels of wine courses, from more easygoing courses on wine to workshops addressed to professionals in the Restaurant and Wine Sommellier area. She will lead us through the Wine Team Building with empathy and passion.

  • Consulting & Marketing Agencies and Training Course Centers
  • Private people: wine lovers – or just curious – excited to be competing
  • Corporates of all profiles seeking an innovative and challenging Team Building experience
  • Agencies organizing events, meetings, congresses.

Our Team Buildings are in Italian and English, thus suitable to Italian companies and International Groups, executive managers, CEOs from all over the world.


If requested, Emilia Storytellers will select perfect location for the activity, based on the number of participants, logistics, style and any particular needs the Client may have.
Contact us to find out more. We will submit our best offer.