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Our Pasta Team Building experiences are bespoke and can be customized. They can be divided in 2 different categories:

High-Profile and Professional

focused on achieving specific goals set by the client: creating a network, building-up aggregative models, enhance competition, motivation, leadership or the ability to work as a team covering different roles, etc. – also with the support of a qualified psychologist.


Entertaining or Leisure activity

which obviously implies competing or working in groups as a Team-Building requires, but more easygoing. It could be the perfect conclusion to an important Corporate meeting or a training session or workshop; a creative activity instead of a classic aperitivo o dinner/lunch, which is much more challenging and funny. Upon request, we can also organize a dedicated catering service or dinner for the group afterwards.


Pasta is by far the most iconic food of Italy. It represents that variety in culture, art and gastronomy that has made Italy so famous and loved across the world. For example, if in the South locals make Orecchiette hard-wheat pasta by hand, in Emilia-Romagna, our region, we make fresh egg-pasta by the rolling pin.

Some of the most famous types of stuffed egg-pasta from Modena, Bologna and Parma? Tortellini in the first place, because they reveal interesting stories behind and by far the most demanding and the richest fresh pasta in terms of quality, preparation and ingredients ever created.

Right after, we should mention Tortelloni, Ravioli, Caramelle, Lasagne, Bow-ties, Maccheroncini al pettine, all made by hand, to conclude with the most famous pasta size worlwide: Tagliatelle. Now, we thank many foodies for coming to Bologna and Modena thus eating the original recipe of Tagliatelle (NOT spaghetti, a total fake) with Ragù Bolognese meat sauce.

Lay down rolled layers of fresh egg-pasta dough, cut, pour the filling inside, close the Tortellone, and make your preferred pasta type: bow-ties, Maccheroncini al pettine are by definition part of a Team-Building.

A Team Building which is fun, instinctive, and creative. Last but not least a perfect way to arrange a competition among different teams.

Pasta-making competition always ends with an official Award to the best Pasta Maker Team. Participants do something very different or that they’ve done home and want to learn the right way. They put their hands in the dough, they use their hands in very different ways, and we’ve seen that they really want to succeed and win!

The Winner Group will obviously get a Diploma as the Best Pasta Maker of the day and a well-deserved gift.

For now, that’s all… we can’t say too much. We should leave something as a surprise effect!

The images you see are of Pasta Team Building activities we’ve organized for International Business Groups, which included about 80 business from all over the world, who have proved to love this team-building so much, and surprised us with their incredible abilities to make Pasta.

For corporate confidential reasons, you won’t see faces, logos, or brands, but we hope we’ve captured some details that make you think: Yes, this is going to be fun! Yes this is an activity that our business partners would love, also because very representative of the region hosting the experience: Emilia-Romagna.

Cities? Modena, Bologna, Parma … Or we can move to your company site, if required!




We have enrolled a team of pasta makers and partners, first and foremost our partner Event Planner Barabra Brandoli, which enables us to tailor-made a special experience for you. A Team-Building recommended by our experience and agreed with you based on your needs, to give you the Foodie Experience you’d love to offer your business partners.

Win-win is only in a Team. We’d love to be part of your team in planning an unforgettable experience.

  • Consulting & Marketing Agencies and Training Course Centers
  • Private people: wine lovers – or just curious – excited to be competing
  • Corporates of all profiles seeking an innovative and challenging Team Building experience
  • Agencies organizing events, meetings, congresses.

Our Team Buildings are in Italian and English, thus suitable to Italian companies and International Groups, executive managers, CEOs from all over the world.


If requested, Emilia Storytellers will select perfect location for the activity, based on the number of participants, logistics, style and any particular needs the Client may have.
Contact us to find out more. We will submit our best offer.