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The Emilia Storytellers

was developed to tell the stories of the people who passionately shaped the land in which we grew up, and created the wine and gastronomic culture that has turned Modena, Bologna and Parma into new foodie destinations off the common tourist paths.

promotes local food and wine artisans with a genuine character, a deep bond to local traditions and a smart look into the future of premium hospitality.

As a small women-owned business, we offer authentic tours and customize private itineraries for foodies and travellers in the Emilia Romagna region.

Are you looking for a personal approach?

The Classic and the Unconventional experiences? This is us!

Our team is formed by:

  • Certified Tour Managers specialized in wine and gastronomy who love their job
  • Certified drivers (when transportation service is required) with aircond cars/lux vans

Our team


Katia Perdicaro

Katia Perdicaro graduated in Linguistic Mediation Sciences (Translation and Interpreting) in English and Spanish, Carlo Bo University for Linguistic Mediators, Bologna.


Postgraduate education:

  • First level Master degree in Culture of Nutrition and Food and Wine Traditions, Consorzio BAICR of Rome/ University of Rome Tor Vergata
  • Tour Leader qualification in accordance with Emilia Romagna Regional Law No 4/2000 and following amendments
  • Official Cheese Taster qualification (ONAF, National Organisation of Cheese Tasters)
  • Experiential Tourism training course, according to the model Artès, Association of Social Promotion “Experience For You” -X4U, Milan.

She has worked as a freelance interpreter and translator, specialising in patents and trademarks, as a teacher involved in focused didactic projects and specific workshops for the learning of a foreign language, targeted at high schools or training institutions.

She has participated in different teaching projects in the field of tourism, hotel business and food and wine (I.P.S S.E.O. A. Tonino Guerra, Cervia ,Ravenna: English Professor specialised in the field of Tourism; Catering and Cooking School, Serramazzoni, Modena: English teacher specialised in Gastronomy and Hotellerie).

She has studied and worked in England, Spain and Australia.

Founder of Emilia Storytellers. Designer, organiser of tours, promotion, communication and media and often leading the tours helself, as a certified Tour Manager.

She works with Barbara on the organization of private and corporate wine events, courses, and special tasting experiences both for locals and international guests.

Wine Partner, Sommelier

Barbara Brandoli

Barbara Brandoli achieved her Wine Sommelier Diploma at AIS (Italian Sommelier Association) Modena in a 3-year-course from 2002 to 2004. She has worked in the wine sector, among big events and teaching, reaching out to a large audience in the world of wine.


Education and Experiences in the wine area:

  • Design of “Divino Scrivere”, as a storytelling of the wine and cultural trips, today the reference Facebook page for the events and tasting she organizes.
  • Cooperation with magazine “Lavinium” as a writer of serveral articles
  • Taster in several wine tasting panels across different regions of Italy
  • Designer and organizer of “Terre di Vite”, an important wine event set in the beautiful Castle of Levizzano Rangone, sponsored by Castelvetro di Modena townhall, and counting roughly 80 wine producers from all over Italy
  • 2012-2015 “Mindfulness Counseling” School in Pomaia (Pisa), those years being paramount to Barbara as she had the priviledge to work with wine experts Sandro Sangiorgi from Porthos, Roberto Giuliani from Lavinium, Luciano Pignataro and Francesco Falcone. Those same years would in fact inspire her the concept of “Winefulness” (awareness in wine experience).

She has established herself as an independent freelance wine taster, often dedicating her passion for art by organizing themed events combining wine with music, figurative arts, literature, and related to “winefulness” including 5-senses paths and spirituality while approaching wine.

Sommelier Expert Teacher for the Restaurant Area “ISCOM, Modena Con Gusto” (visual, olfactory, taste exam, food and wine pairing, wine service).

She cooperates with Katia as a Wine Partner and Sommelier in a variety of Wine Courses, private and corporate events, targeted tasting for locals and international guests.


Tour leader

The journey doesn’t begin when you begin nor does it end when you reach your destination. it begins much earlier and never ends. Memories will remain with you forever.


Tour leader

Travelling means feeling part of the place, meeting others. If you return unchanged, maybe you never really left


Tour leader

Travel is a challenge! A personal challenge, during which we leave our nest to find..who knows!


Tour leader

Travelling is finding yourself somewhere else. Travelling is encountering the Other, the Foreigner. Travelling is losing yourself for a moment.


Tour leader

The most beautiful souvenirs we bring home back from a travel are the stories of the people we’ve met


Marketing & Communication