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Are you looking for 5 new reasons to Walk and Eat in Modena with us? There we go!

Modena, the heart of Emilia, in the Western part of the political Emilia-Romagna region and only 30-35 miles away from his historically friend and rival Bologna has become increasingly attractive for many reasons, which are often compressed in the famous expression “Food and Motor Valley”.

We will list very briefly (not that they are unimportant but already pretty well-known) what most visitors already know: the Ferrari Museums for fast car lovers, Luciano Pavarotti‘s Museum and his background giving Modena the nickname of “Città del Bel Canto” , Chef Massimo Bottura‘s Michelin 3-starred restaurant Osteria Francescana, Il Tortellante Association, Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, The Duomo and the Ghirlandina, both Unesco World Heritage Sites, iconic fresh egg pasta Tortellini, Lambrusco wine in its many varieties, very different from expected, and so on.

1. The Personal Approach

What we’d like visitors and hopefully our guests to know is that Emilia Storytellers’ approach is very personal. Personal with you, Personal with the people we’ll meet. We are all part of a big family in a way and somehow we all know each others. You have some special needs or celebrations? Please tell us! We will try to surprise you.

2. Modena is still a non-touristy destination

You can feel it in the air. For this reason, we’d recommend to skip August if you are planning to visit Modena. Okay you may be familiar and okay with extreme hot-humidity, but most shops still are closed. Why? Locals want to go on vacations! August is still the time most Italians can takes few weeks off to relax, and Modena’s people will do that. So, don’t be surprised if you are in town and it seems like you are walking in kind of ghost city. People are at the beach, abroad, in the Alpes or Dolomites, just anywhere to take a well-deserved break and breeth some fresh air outside the city.

This means we won’t have to queue up to taste or be surrounded by crowds during our Walking Food Tour. We’ll have our own space, enjoy talking with locals and feel the liveliness of the market. I must proudly mention that overseas in the US, about 6 years ago professional Travel Writers and Photographers Lori and Angelo Sorrentino were pioneers to visit Modena looking for new slow travel and eat local destinations and they gave a great picture of Modena in their interesting article on their professional slow travel blog Travlinmad in this detailed article – where there is us too! wow!

3. Authentic and easy to walk around the historic centre

The historic centre is tiny so whoever can enjoy a short walk from Cappuccino and Gnocco Fritto to the delicacies of Historic Market Albinelli, to the tasting of true Balsamic “Il tradizionale”, artisanal gelato from at our fav Gelateria, discover local cakes that one would not imagine in Modena.  Just a few steps to take while walking around monuments, piazzas, narrow streets to enjoy nice views, and reach our foodie stops in our itinerary of 4 hours.

4. The stories behind. Modena’s people are hard workers and like to talk!

Finally happy to have people arriving from all over the world to learn about their food and wine culture and refined gastronomy, and sometimes also willing to tell you their secret recipes!

Where? For sure at the Albinelli Food Market (where in the picure I am tasting Ricotta and buying some Parmigiano Reggiano chees. Recently it’s been visited by the CEO of London’s Premier Food Borough Market  and so has the CEO or Albinelli, which makes a great connection!

We’d spend quite some time here: being a mix of restored marble stands, nice small restaurants, endless shops to buy and taste fresh pasta, charcuterie, wine, Parmigiano Reggiano and a variety of cheeses, thus plunging into locals’ everyday’s life. Remember that here locals still come to do the shop or have lunch on their break from work. It’s the beating heart of Modena

5. Italian must-learn words to leave Modena with a “cool” vocabulary

A vocabulary made of true Italian sentences that you can use in Italy and in Emilia-Romagna to impress Italians so much so they will immediately make you a big smile! But not only Italian; il “dialetto modenese”, the local dialect is still very used and considered an essential part of local culture to preserve in time. So Modena is “Mòdna” for locals. Or some words that are above the grammar, like “il gnocco” (instead of Lo gnocco, like Italian grammar would impose).

Another funny example?  Well, in my trips abroad, I’ve always heard people saying “Ciao Bella” to say hi beauty, when they learnt I was Italian. Sei una bella ragazza in dialect would be “sei bela“, but if the girl is more than beautiful, it is common to hear  “sei una bonazza” or even “Gnoca“. Not rude, just a Modenese word to say beautiful, sexy. In Rome they would probably “ah bbonaaa”. The concept is the same. Sorry we are Italians, we are sometimes loud, and we say what we want to say!

Would you like to see some amazing pictures of Modena and Around? Pls visit ModenaeDintorni Blog.

Now, the big question is: will you visit Modena with us?  Contact us for more information!

Katia Perdicaro – Founder of Emilia Storytellers